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27-Sep-11 - Arilynn
27-Sep-11 - Arilynn
There is more detail to see! Click on the photo
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03-Oct-11 -- Arilynn has a well-baby doctor visit
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Arilynn had her first well-baby visit since she came home from the hospital. See how she did.

27-Sep-11 -- The newest Rundquist
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We are so excited to finally announce the grand debut of Arilynn-Britt Richelle Rundquist.

07-May-11 -- Arik competes in Math Pentathlon
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Arik competes in Math Pentathlon

29-Dec-10 -- Isaac's head gets shaved
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Wow, his head is smooth!

22-Dec-10 -- Help us win a NEW Nissan Leaf!
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Please help us win a car - share our video and submit your vote!

07-Nov-10 -- Isaac walks!
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Now he is even MORE mobile!

29-Oct-10 -- Everyone dresses up for Halloween
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Trunk-or-Treat, anyone!

18-Sep-10 -- The gang visits Sea World
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More exposure to the fun side of Texas...

28-Aug-10 -- The gang visits the Alamo and Six Flags
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The whole crew heads down to San Antonio to visit the Alamo and Six Flags Fiesta Texas

24-Aug-10 -- Lisa comes to visit
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Our honorary daughter from Germany comes to visit