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I worked with Leif at CBTU. He is such a wonderful spirit. When I needed help, Leif was the first to offer support. He encouraged me to persue dreams I never thought possible. He is an angel that took EVERYONE under his wing. He always had a way of making people feel special. He showed up at my college graduation, & I was shocked. Little did I know that his brother was also graduating there the at the same time & that's why Leif was there. But he humored me & acted like he intentionally came to support me too. One of the last times I saw him he held my newborn son, and I am grateful that my son had the opportunity to be touched by Leif also.

To Jenell and Leif's family,
I am sorry for your lose. You were so lucky to have been so close to Leif. And he was so lucky to have you. You all are in my prayers.

Leif, I know you're happy now. I look forward to seeing you again.
Keep in touch :)
   Keri Stone (Stansbury Park, UT )
May 22, 2003


We met Leif when our son, now 14, was a 3 year old at CBTU. We sensed Leif was a great soul. Our paths have not crossed but once or twice in the intervening years, but we found he'd occasionally pop up in our thoughts and musings. There are not many people who reach you on such a deep level as to become an inspirational / directional part of your life - but Leif is on the short list of truly exceptional people.
   Robin and Hank Clements (Park City, UT )
May 11, 2003

I was so sorry to read today that Leif had passed away. I worked with him when he interned at The Children's Center in Kearns. He was very understanding and encouraging to me, and even helped me with tips on getting into graduate school. I saw that he was presenting at an autism conference recently, and I only wish I had made more effort to seek him out. I am very sorry for your loss.
   Jennifer (Glick) Swan (Tooele, UT )
May 10, 2003

To the loving family of Leif,
I knew Leif for a brief time at CBTU and while he was doing some coursework at the University.....my heart goes out to you and all that were close to him. Leif was an amazing person who touched many people's lives. He will be greatly missed by all. Please know that your family and Leif are in my prayers. I hope that Leif is somewhere where he is happier and not in pain. God Bless you all!
   Nicole Divino (salt lake city, UT )
May 10, 2003


My wife Sarah and I were Leif's apartment manager in Salt Lake for a couple of years. He was so kind, polite, and as exceptional a person I have ever known. He and I talked every now and then about school and he was a great encourager for me in my graduate pursuits. My sincere symapthies to all who knew and loved him.
Josh McNeal
   Josh McNeal (Reno, NV )
May 9, 2003


I met Leif while he was dating Kari. They are two of my favorite people. He was a comfort and a good laugh during my divorce, and I always looked forward to seeing him and talking to him. He came to my surprise 25th Birthday party with Kari, and we even got him to rollar-skate and play laser-tag! I will always treasure the brief times I was able to spend in his company.
Heidi Chilcott
   Heidi Chilcott (Orem, UT )
May 7, 2003


I considered Leif a very close friend during high school. Some of my fondest memories are of spending time with him and John Dye.

I wish I could find the words to describe my sadness for your loss. As well as the sadness I feel for losing a good friend.

Last year Leif and I just recently started getting back in touch after too many years of no contact. I wish there had been time to get to know Leif all over again. I will miss him dearly.

Leif was indeed "one of a kind".

Best regards,
   Evan Carter (Kalispell, MT )
May 6, 2003


I wish I had Leif's ability to say just the right thing to people who are hurting and confused. Because I really need those words for myself right now. I miss you, Leif. I'm so grateful for our friendship and for every memory that I'll hold tighter than ever. Thank you for all you did for me and all the love you taught me, Leify. God bless your family and loved ones.
   Tawny Davis (Logan, UT )
May 6, 2003


Only time can truly lessen the grief you feel. Your son was here for too short a time, but never-the-less left his mark on so many lives.
Those whose lives he touched will be better for having known him, I only wish I had. What a father you must be. He was a lucky son. My heart goes out to you. You're in our thoughts and prayers.
   Janet Lindquist (Oak City, UT )
May 5, 2003

Dear Steve,
I am so sorry about your loss! I can not think of any words to lessen your grief, but please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
   Kathy Erickson (Richfield / Loa, UT )
May 5, 2003

Dear Steve,
The news of your loss has both stunned and saddened me. Although I did not have the priviledge of knowing Leif-Erik, I know what a fine father he has, and how deep your sorrow must be. May you find comfort in the kind words of the many who have expressed themselves on this site. Leif most certainly touched many lives, and will be missed by all who knew him. Please accept my heartfelt sympathy for you and your family at this time.
   Vicky Bower (Bicknell, UT )
May 5, 2003

   James Porter (Richfield, UT )
May 5, 2003

Dear Rundquist Family,

My sincere condolences. Leif was a dear friend of mine. I was stunned to hear of his death. He was a young man of extraordinary compassion and warmth. My prayers and tears will share your deep grief. Words cannot express the void.
   T. Christian Andersen (SLC, UT )
May 4, 2003

We are truly sorry to hear the loss of your brother. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Take Care!
David & Holly Fail
   Holly Hills-Fail (South Jordan, UT )
May 2, 2003

Leif was a true friend to everyone he met. As a TA to our Social Work co-hort in Price, Utah, I found him so eager and willing to help us be better, not only as social workers, but a human beings. His death saddens me deeply. This world is less without him.
Lynette Magliocco
   Lynette Magliocco (Duluth, GA )
May 2, 2003

Dear Janelle-
I'm so sorry for your loss. I have no answers, explanations, or brilliant things to say (which is unusual), so I'll help you find him later. God has belssed you--
   Andrea (Salt Lake, UT )
May 2, 2003

To Janelle and Leif's family:

The first time I met Leif was on a Trip to Lake Powell where he and Janell shared a room with my wife Monica and I. I liked him right away. In the services today people talked about how spending only a few minutes with him you could find your self in deep conversation about the origin and purpose of man and we did that evening. He was a genuine person. I liked to be around him. I had the privalage of seeing him a few times since then. I wish I had known him better. It was also mentioned today that if you knew him you would most likley have an experiance with him that could be pivotal and life changing. He seems to still have that influence after his passing. Leaving the funeral today I felt inspired. Im glad Janelle introduced us. Im glad I knew him the little I did. I'll always be gratefull for that. You dont need to be told what an amazing person he was. You know. I just want to thank you for giving me the chance to know him.
   Dan Johnson (UT )
May 1, 2003

Dear JJ,
May time heal your wounds. Take one day at a time. If one day is to over whelming, take a deep breath and know that there is lots of people out there to help you. And know that you have lots of people here at olympus view who love and support you. Take comfort in knowing that your love for Leif was true and real, and that is something only you and he shared. Keep him in your heart and know he is looking down upon you taking care of you from above and loving from afar. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
With my best wishes,
   Tamara Record (S.L.C, UT )
May 1, 2003

Dear Steve & Gundl,
We are so truly sorry for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and we hope that God will comfort you during this sad time.
Love, Ader & Sherrie
   Sherrie & Ader Sanchez (SLC, UT )
May 1, 2003


Dear Janelle:

My sweet friend, you are in my thoughts and my prayers. You were so blessed to find the precious love you had with Leif. Remember that love and cherish it always. You are such a compassionate, loving, and caring person. These are the qualities Leif loved in you. You are strong, you can do this. Continue Leif's legacy of love. Your family and friends love you and are here for you, and will help, never forget that. In the words of the song "The Dance" by Garth Brooks "...I could have missed the pain, but I would have missed the dance." Your love will never die. Love you.

   Lisa Clement-Fisher (Salt Lake City, UT )
May 1, 2003

Steve, Gundl and Family:
I was deeply saddened to hear about the loss of your son. As Leif's Middle School History Teacher I remember him as a caring and kind young man who always worked hard and made the extra effort to do well and to always treat others with respect. I always expected him to go on and be of service to others and to excell in any field he chose. You must be proud and happy that he touched so many peoples lives.
You are in my thoughts and prayers and I will never forget this fine young man.
   Mike Rose (Corvallis, MT )
May 1, 2003


Dear Gundl,
You and your husband must be very proud of your son. He sounds like a wonderful man. I just wanted you to know that I feel very badly for you because I know you'll miss him very much. I'm so very sorry. My love and thoughts are with you.
   Barbara Schwab (Salt Lake City, UT )
April 30, 2003

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Rundquist,
I was one of the most lucky students to have had Leif in our class as a teaching assistant. He was an incrediable example of a social worker and demonstrated his caring and insight with the greatest gentleness. He inspired us to do better and to be more accepting. He also encouraged us to think deeper than any one other. He understood things that most of us couldn't and he shared that understanding. He has done more for our education than was ever required of him. He is loved and will be missed.
   Afton Wisner (Salt Lake City, UT )
April 30, 2003

Dearest family and loved ones, I got to know Leif at the Autism program at CBTU. What a guy! Leif amazed me with his easy going intellect; his quick, sataric wit; and his non judgemental acceptance of everyone (and everyone's children). He understood. He made me laugh, and I will miss him. I hope you all find some strength and comfort in knowing that he has had such a tremendous impact on so many people, on so many..... many levels.
   Dawn Armstrong (West Valley City, UT )
April 30, 2003


What huge grief I feel at the absence of my friend. Leif shared the very best of himself at every opportunity with each person he met. Becoming friends with Leif was easy because he looked past all shortcomings, found the heart and soul of everyone, showing his value for them so we always new he was a safe person to confide in and a comfort to be with. Leif is my hero. I want to be more like Leif. Through the opportunity to share study, classes, and research I was blessed with his trust and he showed me new insights to life.
How can I thank you Leif, how can I thank your family for their contributions to shaping you? You smiled so easily, you laughed so quickly, and you always listened so closely. I looked forward with such anticiaption to walk through graduation with you, my victory, your victory, the symbol of gritting out the struggle. Many times we talked about each of our plans after graduation to use the new skills we learned to help others. And then I left to return to my other duties, with the outlook that we would soon share that time absorbing the reward of our efforts. Each time we talked about that you always told me that you'd be there with me. Leif, I know that you will keep your word to me, and I will feel better. Rest well my friend, you've more than met the Goal set before you. And check in on me from time to time, ok?
   Carl Miller (New Braunfels, TX )
April 30, 2003


Friends and family,
I knew Leif in the MSW program and the PhD program. What a fine human being! We shared some wonderful conversations and I admired so much his honesty and his very sincere questions about life.
I recently attended his doctoral proposal and was again astounded at his academic excellence and his energy. He was simply one of the brightest and best humans I ever known.
My lovely daughter had the opportunity of working alongside Leif at CBTU and he never saw me that he did not ask how she was. There wasn't much in life that didn't receive Leif's sincere attention.
God bless you, dear Leif.
I too offer my blessings to all of you at this time.
Peace, love, and healing,
Susan Ann Stauffer
   Susan Ann Stauffer (Salt lake City, UT )
April 30, 2003

Leif was and will always be the greatest teacher I ever had. I tried to keep in touch with him with cards and notes. He is the one that sponcered me to get into the social work program and now I graduate on may 1 and my thoughts will be with him. I loved leif and my children loved him because he added so much to my life but he would have given me the credit. There is no one like him he will not be forgotten.
   Terri Morris (Taylorsville, UT )
April 30, 2003

April 30, 2003


Steve, Gundl and Family,
I was so sad to hear about your loss. I just wanted to let you know that we are thinking of you and praying that you find the peace and comfort you need during this difficult time. As I read through the comments people made about Leif, it is obvious that he touched many, many lives. You must both be so proud of who he was and the contributions he made to this world. Again, May God comfort you and hold you in His arms until you see Leif again.
   Stacy Mosier-Jessop (Pinesdale, MT )
April 30, 2003


Dear Gundl, Steve and Family...words cannot express how sorry I am for your loss. You have my deepest sympathy.

I did not know Leif personally, but he has a truly extraordinary mother...and the apple cannot have fallen far from the tree...
   Casey Preece (Salt Lake City, UT )
April 30, 2003

To the family and friends of Leif,
I have had the privilege of having Leif as a TA with the U of U Distant Education Program in Price, Utah. We had a group of about 6-7 MSW students at our site. I am truly saddened about his passing and want to extend my sincerest sympathy to all who loved him. Leif helped me out with my classes, especially Research and I can still picture him glancing at me with a smile and telling me "you did good" when I wasn't sure of myself. He was very intellegent and insighful on everything I needed to know. I remember him cheering for us at graduation on May 2, 2001 as we were receiving our degrees. I will always remember his acceptance of me as a Native American student and he never treated me any different. I want to thank him for making me comfortable and accepted. Leif was very caring and there was nothing he wouldn't do for our class/site. There are so many things to say about him. His spirit was gentle and I am honored to have known him. May the Lord grant you peace and comfort today and always.
   Cindy Anderson (Montezuma Creek,, UT )
April 30, 2003

To the Rundquist Family...
My heart is deeply saddened for your loss. I find it difficult to imagine the depth of sorrow you must feel. But I remember long ago conversations with you, Steve, and I know your faith offers comfort. My memories of Leif are so shining and warm. What an outstanding young man he was, with a gift for depth and compassion unequalled in my experience as an 8th grade Language Arts teacher. And Humor! I will never forget the Student Council Presidential election speeches when he introduced us all to the concept, "Take a liking to a Viking!" I didn't see Leif much during his high school years here but I recieved a much treasured e-mail from him about 7 years ago. It was, I think, an example of his deep caring and compassion. He was a light in my life and I will not forget him.
   Deb Spradlin Cathey (Corvallis, MT )
April 30, 2003


Dear Gundl
My thoughts are with you. You can be so proud of Leif. His life touched so many people and that is a tribute to you. I know he would want you to be a peace. You have so many people that love and support you . I am here for you in what ever you need.
   Sandy Crane (Sandy, UT )
April 30, 2003

Dear Family of Leif Rundquist,

Leif was very dear to all of us at the Price ED-Net extension. I found myself constantly amazed by his insight, knowledge, passion, and caring. I learned so much from him, and was fortunate to have known him. People of Leif's character, and compassion are rare. He was a blessing to this world. It was an honor to have known him and to learn from him. I will cherish my memories of Leif for the rest of my life.

I wish you, his family and friends, peace during this time. You shall be in my thoughts and my prayers.
   Jay Otterstrom (Monticello, UT )
April 29, 2003

My Dearest Friend,

I met your beloved eldest child only once during a surprise visit
to the office that allowed you (an extremely proud mother) golden opportunity to 'show him off' to your circle of friends. He was such a good-looking young man with a charming smile.

Leif, though we met only once, I felt I knew you. I knew you through a mother's heart...your mother's heart. A heart that may not have always understood you, but a heart that will Love you deeply and perpetually. Your mother spoke with pride of your many accomplishments and of your great intellect. She admired your sensitivity and your ability to understand and work with austic children. What a Great 'mix' of characteristics you inherited from your parents. What a fantastic
legacy of good works and kindness
you leave behind.

Dear Gundl, I know you are grieving beyond comprehension. Knowing the
Love you hold in your heart for all your children has me aching for you. In time, you will come to know the meaning of Leif's early departure. In Time.
   Jan Duggar (West Bountiful, UT )
April 29, 2003

I can not begin to tell you how deeply sorry I am for your loss, but I know through the many wonderful memories you shared together his spirt will live on in your heart. Leif touched many lives and was a great friend to many people and will be truly missed by all those who knew him. I am so greatly honored to have met Leif and to learn of all the wonderful qualities he posessed. My thoughts and prayers are with you and his family.
With all my love,
   Trish Spens (salt lake, UT )
April 29, 2003

I wanted to write a note expressing my sincerest simpathy for the great lost you are experiencing at this time. Leif will truly be missed by all of us in the Distance Education Program not only because of his extensive knowledge and skills but also because of his kindness and caring for all those around him. He will be greatly missed but fondly remembered.
   Clifford Farnsworth (Tooele, UT )
April 29, 2003

To the Family and Loved Ones of Leif,
Leif had a very positive effect on everyone he came in contact with. I always walked away a better person after talking with him. He will be greatly missed. The Lord must have had a great need for him to take him home so early in life.
May you be blessed with comfort during this trying time.
   Lorneta Ferguson (Logan, UT )
April 29, 2003

I met Leif the first year of the MSW program. I was very impressed by his gifted intellect and his caring and understanding personality. He was one of the warmest, most giving individuals I have ever met. It was an honor knowing him. I am so sorry for your loss.
   Stephanie Laub Sefick (Farmington, UT )
April 29, 2003


To the Family of Leif Rundquist:
I wanted to thank you for bringing such a kind, gentle and dear person into the world. I met Leif through working in the social work building many years ago, and throughout these years, my admiration and respect for him has continued to grow. For the last few years, Leif has been a teaching assistant in the program I coordinate and his dedication to these students and this program was legendary. Please know the distance education students thought the world of Leif and miss him terribly, as do I. Leif and I were also fellow doctoral students and he was so kind as to share his expertise about navigating through this program and to provide support in the form of "you can do it!" Although such a young man, Leif left a huge magnificent mark on the world. I wish Leif peace and for his family and friends, I also wish you peace.

Also, one of the distance ed students wanted to make sure I passed this message along. Her name is Brenda Hulphers.
"Please convey my deepest condolences to the Rundquist family and everyone who knew and cared about Leif. I am leaving on 4/30/03 to visit my elderly parents in Ohio and won't be returning until Monday night, 05/05/03, so I will regrettably be gone for all of the services. The world is a sadder place without Leif. He was one of those rare gems who completely represented the values we strive to achieve in the social work profession. Sincerely, Brenda Hulphers."
   Sandra Kikuchi (Salt Lake City, UT )
April 29, 2003

So often in life, you never know how many people you've touched and truly affected. Sometimes when someone dies you realize how broad their circle of friends really was, when seeming strangers come out of the woodwork to report the void left behind by someone's passing. I am one of those people from Leif's life.

I met Leif 7 years ago, when I was living in Salt Lake. We discovered we have the exact same birthday- (he's a few hours older, and he rubbed it in like a big brother would). Every year since then, even after I moved away and we lost touch, we have emailed each other on our birthday, to check in, to see how life was going. He was always so, so busy, I would marvel at his ability to work non-stop, teaching and traveling to Price and working on his PhD, and do a thousand things all at once. I wish I had his energy. I always marveled at his dedication, his certainty about his life's work.

I remember walking around CBTU one night with Leif, he showed me the classrooms and talked about all the kids he worked with. He loved them, he had patience for them like no one I've ever met.

He always had this great calming influence on me, I told him I felt like a neurotic high-strung poodle sometimes, and he was a big old napping calm black lab. He would call me at work just to remind me to breathe, or read me a daily meditation. He helped me learn not to sweat the small stuff.

Through my work, I encountered a deaf family needing emergency assistance with utilities, food, and Christmas assistance for their children. I brought Leif with me, so he could sign for the family and explain how to apply for assistance, and he was able to translate for me their expressions of gratitude for the turkey we brought, the Christmas presents, the coats... It was an amazing experience.

Leif used to joke about how when he would drink a lot he would start signing as he spoke-- I think of that all the time when I see people gesturing wildly in a bar-- maybe they are just saying hello to Leif across the room.

I've always thought he was one of the gentlest, kindest souls on the planet-- those of you who knew him better and longer than I were very lucky indeed.

This year when I emailed Leif on our birthday, I discovered with great disappointment that his email account had been cancelled. It just wasn't the same birthday without him... now it never will be. I'll always light a candle on my cake for Leif.

-Robyn Walters
1/27/70, 11:45pm
   Robyn Walters (Dallas, TX )
April 29, 2003


Dearest Janelle,

I know words cannot change what you are feeling in your heart.

I know I cannot fill the space that was once occupied by the greatest love one could ever hope to feel.

But I do know how lucky you and Leif are to have found each other. Soulmates who even now will carry with them a piece of each other. He will always be ever present by the love you keep in your heart.

To think of Leif is to think of his kindness, his sensitivity and his incredible intellect. I see those qualities shine through you and know his gifts will live on through your amazing spirit.

May the life you both dreamed about live on inside you.

May you always treasure those days together....days that many will never experience.

And may you always carry the love you feel for Leif through all the special moments of your life.

With all my love,

   Kate Arutunian (Salt Lake City, UT )
April 29, 2003

Mr.& Mrs. Rundquist and Family:

I remember Leif when he was a student at the Corvallis Middle School and at Corvallis High School. What a special young man! He and my son John were very good friends and they were wonderful examples to their classmates. Leif was always friendly and I never remember Leif without a smile.

Leif was living in Utah when John went on his mission for the L.D.S. church. John flew out from Salt Lake City to serve his mission in Taiwan. John's father and I could not be there with John....Leif was there at the SLC airport to be with him.

Leif was a great help to John, Cindi and their sweet family. Leif helped so much with the little boys.

Leif, thank you for the love you have shared with others and for your very sweet spirit. We love you and you will live forever in our memories.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
   Bonnie Dye-DeMott (Corvallis, MT )
April 29, 2003


I'm very sorry for the loss of such a wonder beneficial human being. He will be missed.
   Julie Hird (west valley city, UT )
April 29, 2003

Dear Leif’s family:

I miss Leif. I miss his wonderful smile and the way he would make me feel every time I saw him. I spent two years taking PhD classes with Leif. I watched him impress everyone from students to instructors with his insight and profound philosophical depth. No one could use the words “ontological” and “epistemological” better in a sentence than Leif could. Leif was truly one of a kind, a wonderfully loving human being. My dear Leif, ontologically speaking, my reality is forever altered because of you. Thank you for the many inspirations.
   Shadi Sahami (Salt Lake City, UT )
April 29, 2003


Dearest Steve, Gundl and Family,

My deepest condolences for your loss. As I read today’s “KLOVE” Power Verse I’m reminded of Leif-Erik.

For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.
Ephesians 2:10, New International Version

What an awesome example his parents made in his life… Leif-Erik was an exceptional young man who cared for his work and people. What a privilege it was to have met him, and share a chuckle or two.

My heart, prayers and LOVE are with each one of you as you grieve for him.

Lovingly your,
Connie F. Aguilar-McCowan
   Connie McCowan (West Jordan, UT )
April 29, 2003


I will remember Leif with fondness.
   David Dye (Nephi, UT )
April 29, 2003

I feel honored to have know two Leif Rundquists--the young man attending Corvallis Junior High and High School in Montana and the man who continued to be a great friend, comforter, and counselor in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Some of my earliest and most fond memories of Leif were being in band and select choir together. Leif was always the most talented in the bunch--it was in the genes.

Leif was a great person--not only was he a good friend in Junior High and High School, he was also a great help and comfort to me and Cindi, my wife, when we discovered our two boys had autism.

Leif's work as a counselor at CBTU (a special private school for children with autism) was a boon to us as parents. He helped us detect the warning signs early and worked as our advocate to help us gain admittance into the school.

Leif was very good with these special-needs children, and also helped counsel many parents and siblings to understand and cope with what they were going through.

We had dinner with Leif every six months or so--our latest was in January. As always, he was in great spirits and introduced us to a special person in his life.

Leif--from all your friends of an earlier era, know you are loved and will be missed. Your impact will not be forgotten--your legacy is sure.
   John Dye (Murray, UT )
April 29, 2003


We love Leif for all the wonderful hours he spent with our twin daughters, Kylee & Madison Clayson, at CBTU (1988-92). He was great influance to our family and we will always be grateful to him. Our deepest sorrows at his passing.
   Lynn & Vicki Clayson (Bountiful, UT )
April 29, 2003

Dear Family of Leif,

I met Leif as I was working on my MSW. When I entered the PhD program as the "new kid" Leif welcomed me with open arms, his great smile, and the promise to be there if I needed him...(I am holding him to that promise)... At a time, when even in our profession, there can be an attitude of "one ups" or "better than,"...Leif demonstrated true "unconditional positive regard" for all he came in contact with...What a gift he is and will continue to be!

Sincerely, Ruth
   Ruth Gerritsen-McKane (South Jordan, UT )
April 29, 2003

To Leif's family:

I knew Leif as an MSW student, in between, and then as a PhD student. He was one of the brightest and most talented graduate students I have ever known, but more importantly, he was one of the kindest and most generous. He once orchestrated a move of my entire household, and my washing machine has the dents to prove it! How he made me laugh about those dents!

I will miss Leif, but remember him always. My thoughts are with you and Leif's friends in your profound loss.
   Joanne Yaffe Kjosness (Salt Lake City, UT )
April 29, 2003

Stephen and Gundl and the entire Rundquist family, I want to express my thanks to you for welcoming me into your home and your family. Without question, you have each enriched my experience and joy of knowing your son/brother/uncle. (I honor Leif using those "/" slashes ... as he OFTEN used in his writing!) I think the obituary turned out beautifully (I sensed a strong Steve influence). My best wishes and prayers are with you during this difficult and painful time. And you know I'm here if you need me ... Love, Kari
   Kari Cunningham (Salt Lake City, UT )
April 29, 2003