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  Special Request

Special Request

Thanks to everyone who has been so helpful during this sad time for our family. The outpouring of love and sympathy has been instrumental in making it through this ordeal.

As you have undoubdedly seen on the other pages, there are many who loved Leif and who have been forever blessed through Leif's unwavering friendship and service. As such, I would like to start -- for I don't know that I could ever finish -- a collection of memoires about Leif and how he touched your life specifically.

I anticipate that most of these will come in the form of photographs, but any written thoughts will also be very much appreciated. I'd like to present them here on this website, as I can think of no better place to display them.

Please send these to leif@therundquists.org. Don't forget to put a description of any photographs so we'll all know who's in the photo.

Thank you for your assistance!


Lars-Erik Rundquist
Leif's Brother